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Opening Act: Laura Meade

Progressive Rock Band

Without question one of the brightest lights on the American symphonic progressive rock scene, IZZ melds classic and modern prog influences, strong melodies, complex male-female multi-part vocal harmonies, and stirring guitar, synthesizer, bass, and double-drumming work into a familiar yet refreshing musical sound.


Since the release of their first album in 1999, IZZ has been a stalwart of the American progressive rock music scene. Combining a passion for melody with an adventurous musical spirit, IZZ has produced some of American progressive rock’s most beloved songs of the last 20 years including Coming Like Light, Star Evil Gnoma Su, Late Night Salvation and 23 Minutes of Tragedy.


IZZ will be releasing their new album, Collapse the Wave, on June 11, 2024 on Doone Records. Collapse the Wave melds intricate rhythms and complex harmonies to craft a narrative both compelling and transformative. The album features a collection of eleven tracks that challenge conventional perceptions and invite listeners to explore beyond the boundaries of traditional rock.


Collapse the Wave can be ordered directly from IZZ’s Bandcamp page at and can be found on all major music streaming services starting on June 11, 2024.

Paul Bremner – Electric Guitar
Brian Coralian – Drums and Percussion
Greg DiMiceli – Drums and Percussion
John Galgano – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Tom Galgano – Keyboards, Vocals
Laura Meade – Vocals

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Saturday September 14th
Doors Open @ 6:30pm
Show starts @ 7:30pm
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Tickets $33
All fees Included
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Tickets On Sale!
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